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Knight Family History
The Joseph Sr. and Polly Knight Family and their descendants today
Nahum Esther Newel Anna Joseph Jr. Polly Elizabeth

Who are the Knights?

We are the descendants of two New Englanders who were the product of English immigrants seeking religious freedom in the 1630s. Their children and descendants continued this search and became pioneers on the American frontier who journeyed to the west to make their homes. We are the recipients of their heritage of courage, determination and faith. This website has been created to honor them and to acquaint each generation about their roots and legacy. The features of every page (using the tabs above) will allow you and your family to learn more about your family history beginnings.

Several Knights and Pecks joined the "Great Migration" of Puritans and Pilgrims who reached New England in 1635 and 1638. Joseph Knight's Puritan ancestor was Englishman John Knight, Sr., who arrived in Boston Bay in 1635 and who lived in Sudbury, Woburn, Watertown before settling in Charlestown, Massachusetts. The line from immigrant John to Joseph Knight, Sr. included: John and Mary Bridge Knight; Samuel and Rachel Chase Knight; Samuel and Anna Eames Knight; Benjamin and Sarah Crouch Knight.

Joseph married Polly Peck about 1795. Her ancestors came from Pilgrim immigrants who also immigrated in 1638 to help settle in the original Plymouth Colony. Her line includes, Nicholas and Rebekah Bosworth Peck; Hezekiah and Deborah Cooper Peck, Hezekiah, Jr., and Joseph and Elizabeth Read Peck, her parents.

They raised a large family of strong independent and courageous children: Nahum, Esther, Newel, Anna, Joseph Jr., Polly, and Elizabeth. Joseph Sr., would later marry Phoebe Crosby Peck and add Ether and Charles C. to his family. This family migrated through western Massachusetts into Vermont and later to Western New York. There they congregated around Colesville in Broome County where they associated with Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Almost the entire family found spiritual roots and joined the Mormon (LDS) Church. They later left their beautiful New York estate and followed the Prophet Joseph Smith to Ohio, Missouri and Illinois as persecution pushed them ever westward. In Nauvoo, Illinois they thought they found a home, but were forced to leave in 1846 and joined the great migration more than 1000 miles to Utah. Father Knight and Newel perished on the plains, but those who survived were the patriarchs of a vast army of descendants who dotted the western states and who now cover the earth.