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Many of our Knight family members have contributed blood samples for DNA testing to a database at our BYU reunions in 2002 and 2004, with the Sorenson Molecular Geology Foundation in Salt Lake City. Since that time, the database has been transferred with several purchases and acquisitions until it now resides with Ancestry.com. Since that time a Knight family group was formed for future clients who wanted to participate in the testing. This would allow members to join this group if their coding was similar to that of others in the group; to indicate a blood relationship. The Knight Y-chromosome (male indicator) has been traced to Western Europe and the British Isles. Those who want to learn more, and participate should go to dna.ancestry.com and click on the product headings and the DNA tab at the top of the screen. From this point, they should follow the indicators. The testing now only requires a cheek swabbing. Kits for this can be sent to clients, to be done in their home.