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Where did the Knight's Come From?
Where did the Knights Come From?
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Initially Joseph Knight moved to Bainbridge, NewYork from Halifax, Vermont. Son, Newel Knight and his family, moved to Bainbridge Township and settled near the "bend" in the Susquehanna River and lived there for two years near Newel’s Peck grandparents. About 1810, the Knights relocated downriver to Colesville (now Ninevah) in Broome County where they lived for 19 years. They bought a farm on the Susquehanna River where they built a grist mill and two carding machines. Property records show that Joseph Knight, Sr. purchased 110 acres of land on the east bank of the Susquehanna River in 1811. Four years later, he paid $1000 for adjoining acres. In 1817, he bought 18 acres, including an island, for $100.

Romsey, Hampshire, England is the ancestral home of the Knight family beginning with John Knight of 1490 AD.