Knight Family History
The Joseph Knight Sr. Farmhouse History, Dedication
June 2, 2012, Nineveh NY.
On a beautiful Saturday morning, as the rain clouds cleared over a farm along the Susquehanna, 30 people gathered at the original property and house of Joseph Knight Sr. for an Open House and Dedication of a newly erected monument and the 10-acre property which surrounds it. The monument which features the prophet Joseph, his brother Hyrum Smith, the first president of the Colesville Branch, and a plaque with a quote from Newel Knight regarding their time spent sharing the gospel, was built to honor the Colesville Branch and the always-faithful extended Knight family, the founding members of the first branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The owners, the Colesville Branch Restoration Group, include three families dedicated to the memories of the early saints: the “Glens” of Provo, and the “Mechams” and “Painters” of Tempe, Arizona. They were hopeful to have Joseph Knight descendants at the special occasion. Following a successful effort to find relatives who lived close enough to travel to the Open House, eight Knight descendants were excited, honored and grateful to be witnesses of the event. Some were from nearby towns and others from the Washington DC area. Other attendees included local members, neighborhood friends, and the local Utica New York Mission President and his wife. The thoughts expressed in the meeting and dedication were special and focused on the faithfulness of the early saints and the continued building up of Zion both regionally and along family lines through honoring the sacrifices of our ancestors.