Knight Family History
Blessings Conferred Upon Knights by Joseph Smith Jr.

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During the 2012 Knight Family Organization reunion held in St. George, Utah on 8-9 June, family member, Karla Van Orden Bergevin, approached Darrell Knight with a request for further information about two reported blessings that were conferred upon the family, by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.

The two blessings were:

1. The Colesville Branch was sealed up to Eternal Life because of their warm welcome and support of the prophet.

2. Because of Father Knight’s temporal support during the translation of the Book of Mormon, a blessing was given that applied to all worthy descendants that they would not want for the necessities of life.

Each of these will be addressed in turn through historical citations of scholars and historians, and blessings of family members received currently.

1. Joseph Knight, Sr. wrote a short history of the Restoration Period titled, Joseph Knight’s Recollections of Early Mormon History. “The next year in 1832, he (Joseph Smith, Jr.) came again to Missouri and set things in order and Cald* the Colesville Church together and sealed them up to Eternal Life.”    *Original spelling

This entry by Father Knight was cited in several documented histories, such as by Dean C. Jessee in the Regional Studies in Latter-day Saint LDS Church History, BYU Studies, 17 (1976) 38-39, and by Larry C. Porter in another edition of the same publication. It also appears in the family book, Stand by My Servant Joseph, Chap. 7, pp. 144, by William G. Hartley.

2. In the family book, Stand by My Servant Joseph, the following entries on pages 494 and 495 appear as follows:
“Father Joseph Knight’s generosity towards Joseph Smith, which helped bring for the Book of Mormon, did not go unrewarded. The Prophet promised him that the Knights would never want for necessities. As part of the fulfillment of this promise, the Prophet arranged for Father Knight to be given a residential lot and house in Nauvoo. Joseph Knight Jr.’s patriarchal blessing promised temporal comfort to him and “the blessings shall extend to thy children, and thy children’s children, from generation to generation.” Father Knight also gave Joseph Knight Jr. a blessing that promised “thou shall be blessed with all the blessings for the comfort of life” Lydia Knight was promised “blessings of the earth and all things which thou needest for thy comfort.” Family tradition asserts that the promise extends to any of Father Knight’s descendants who remained faithful that they would never want for the necessities of life, although prosperity would not come without work or worry or periods of hard times.

In evidence of this blessing, the following excerpts are taken from some of the Knight descendants patriarchal blessings, other than those quoted above for Joseph Knight Sr.:

A grandson of Joseph Knight Jr.: “Your mind shall expand and your understanding shall be enlarged; you shall find food and shelter, friends will be raised up unto you and the Spirit of God shall be upon you. I bless you with the blessings of the new and everlasting covenant and when you shall return the favor of the Lord shall rest upon you that you shall go in peace and return in safety, and that there will be no loss unto you temporally, that all shall be made up unto you.” (This blessing was given as he left for a mission shortly after his father died, leaving his mother alone, with doubts as to how she or her son could support him as a missionary.)

A great-grandson of Joseph Knight Jr.: “Thru thy faith and faithfulness, the Lord will give thee an inheritance in Zion. Thy home therein shall be a temple of love, a place of peace, and of rest, and also a place of security. Thou shall have all that is necessary for thy comfort and well-being.”

A great-great-grandson of Joseph Knight Jr.: “I urge you to continue your endeavors to prepare yourself for the life ahead, that you might provide well for your family, and I bless you that you will have the necessities of life and an abundance of those blessings which God knows is needful for we mortals.”

A descendant of Newel Knight has the same promise in his patriarchal blessing.

In the book, Stand By My Servant Joseph, there are several accounts of blessings given to members of the Knight family. Some are patriarchal, fathers', or special blessings primarily to Newel, Joseph Jr., or Lydia Goldthwaite Knight. For example:
Newel—Blessed by Joseph Smith, Sr. and Joseph Knight, Sr. (Pages 196, 207)
Lydia—Blessed by Joseph Smith, Jr., Joseph Smith, Sr. (Pages 217,243)
Joseph Knight, Jr.—Blessed by Joseph Knight, Sr. (Page 363)