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Nahum Esther Newel Anna Joseph, Jr. Polly Elizabeth

The Joseph Knight family extends over many generations from its origins in England. We have assembled many valuable photos of ancestors, memorabilia, and locations of interest to the family. This section is divided into four sections:

1. The seven sons and daughters of Joseph Sr. and Polly Knight and their progeny:
    a.  Nahum
    b.  Esther
    c.  Newel
    d.  Anna
    e.  Joseph, Jr.
    f.  Polly
    g.  Elizabeth

2. Historical sites
    a.  England
    b.  America

3. Historical memorabilia
    a.  Documents
    b.  Gifts

4. Miscellaneous photos

Should you have historical Knight family photos to present on this site, please forward in jpg format (maximum 3 mg files) photo attachments with brief descriptions to the webmaster at: info@josephknightfamily.org

Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, England, the ancestral home of the Knight family beginning with John Knight of 1490 AD. Inside is an inscription recognizing John Knight for helping to save the abbey from being sold by King Henry VIII in his defiance to the power of the Catholic Church.