2014 Reunion
2014 Reunion
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The Joseph Knight Sr. Family Organization Held Its 2014 Knight Reunion, June 13 and 14 in Salt Lake City, Utah with Record Attendance and Special Events.

Descendants of early Mormon Latter-day Saints Joseph Sr. and Polly Peck Knight united in two days of reunion activities in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 13 and 14. Every two years, Knights from around the country meet to exchange family histories, celebrate the family’s rich ancestral heritage, and hear updates on Knight family projects.

Joseph Knight Sr. was a close friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith from the start of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was instrumental in assisting Joseph Smith’s temporal support during the translation of the Book of Mormon. He and his son Newel Knight are mentioned in the LDS Doctrine and Covenants, Chapters 12 and 23.

Two special events highlighted this year’s reunion. On Friday the Knights met for a full day of classes and three sessions at the Church History Library to see a presentation of Knight artifacts and histories collected by Church historians and Knight members. That evening over 450 Joseph Knight Sr. cousins gathered for a fireside featuring Elder Steven E. Snow and Sister Phyllis Snow, a Knight descendent. Elder Snow brought the cane Joseph Smith Jr. gave to his beloved friend Joseph Knight Sr. on the streets of Nauvoo with the charge to hand it down to only descendants named Joseph as a remembrance of their fidelity as friends and co-workers in the Restoration.

The kickoff to Saturday’s events was a presentation by William G. Hartley, author of the Knight family book, Stand By My Servant Joseph, of his current work in publishing The Newel Knight Journal, slated for 2016 by Brigham Young Press.

Knight family members enjoyed several video presentations, many handouts, CDs and DVDs, and classes on scrapbooking and the Internet. Younger Knights were treated to fun primary activities.

Carolyn Lyman, James Knight, Edi Ulloa, Darrell Knight, Ferral Knight, Gordon Knight, Howard Edwards, Diane and John Mangum, and Cathy and Boyd Knight headed the reunion committee. John Mangum was elected as the chairman of our next reunion in 2016.

Our thanks to all Knight descendants who attended and supported a successful and inspiring reunion. Our beloved forefathers and mothers were with us in spirit and love. We extend heartfelt appreciation to Elder Steven E. and Sister Phyllis Snow and Brother William G. Hartley for their marvelous presentations. Elder Snow was very kind to welcome Knights at the Church Library and to bring the Knight cane to display Friday night at the fireside. It was an occasion we all will not soon forget. And that is precisely what Joseph Smith Jr. promised his friend Joseph Knight Sr. that his descendants would ever remember his name as long as there was a righteous Son of Israel in Zion.

Many requested copies of class presentations. Here are several you can download as a pdf and print on your computer:

1. (1) pdf file on Knight Women 1st and 2nd Generations: CLICK HERE to download
2. (1) pdf file on The Legacy of the Knight Women: CLICK HERE to download
3. (1) pdf file on Polly Peck Knight: CLICK HERE to download
4. (1) pdf file on Joseph Knight Jr.: CLICK HERE to download
5. (1) pdf file on Joseph Knight Sr.: CLICK HERE to download
6. (2) photos pdf file Joseph Knight Sr. Mt. Pisgah memorial dedication: CLICK HERE to download