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  1. The Knights in the Doctrine and Covenants – the Stories behind the Verses.
The lives of the Joseph Knight Family were deeply intertwined with the history of the restoration of the Gospel and founding of the church, which makes the Doctrine and Covenants a meaningful source of Knight family history enrichment. Knowing the Knight family stories behind the verses makes a number of chapters more meaningful.

2. Take a Knight Family Road Trip
James Knight shares a list of Knight Family Historic sites and how to get there. Find out where they are and how to get there, including the Colesville home, Newel’s Niobrara, Nebraska gravesite, and other places Knight family have lived or were buried.
Listen to a narrated power point or read in a PDF format, by James Knight

3. The First Knights in America
John and Mary Knight left England with four children, and these Puritan Knight ancestors were in America by 1636 building new homes and lives. Very old New England records report interesting details on their lives. Who would have guessed our earliest American ancestor was a “maltster” who made malt for brewing beer?
Read the PDF by Diane Mangum

4. “Uncle Jesse, The Vision to See and the Courage to Do.”
Jesse Knight was the son of Newel Knight who became one of the mining magnates of Utah and benefactor of BYU with his famous Humbug Mine discovery. Boyd Knight has written a book about Uncle Jesse that is soon to be off the presses. Get an early peek and read chapter 15 about Jesse’s Spring Canyon Coal Mine, by Boyd Knight.

5. Romsey, England – The Ancestral Home of the Knight Family
The origins of the Knight family date back centuries to Romsey, a small market town in southern England. Read and see photos of the wonderful Romsey Abby that John Knight helped save from destruction by Henry VIII in 1544. Talk a walk around the block in Romsey through photos. Read the illustrated PDF. Written by Diane Mangum.

6. Finding Richard Knight
For many years the Knight Family Organization wondered what became of Nahum Knight, Joseph and Polly’s oldest son. Nahum and Thankful and their children left Missouri, but went where? Kathryn Packard writes finding Nahum’s son, Richard and a path to Texas.
Read the story by Kathryn Packard.

Classes on Family History

7. How to Write Good Obituary and Why it Matters
Obituaries are the last word on a person’s life, and become a significant family history document for generations to come. Liz Mangum Shellum gives some advice on what to make sure you include and what could maybe be left out. A PDF to read.

8. What Your Ancestors Wore
Carma De Jong Anderson shares photos and with explanation of the kinds of clothing typically worn by Utah pioneers of various occupations and homelands in the years 1847 to 1900. This originally appeared in the book Nearly Everything Imaginable, the Everyday Life of Utah’s Mormon Pioneers, edited by Ronald Walker and Doris Dant.
Read the PDF.

9. Adding Memories to Memorial Day – Make the Most of a Cemetery Visit.
Trips to a family cemetery are a great way to share family history. If all you do is show up and stare at a stone, it won’t likely be repeated. With effort and planning, cemetery outings can be meaningful family gatherings and an ideal place to pass along personal histories. I'll even get you started with a list of burial locations for Joseph, Sr. and Polly Knight and their children.
Read the PDF by Liz Mangum Shelllum

10. Stories that Bind Us
Knowing family stories helps children and families be more resilient. Author of six best selling books, including Secrets of Happy Family, Bruce Feiler explains how research has shown how knowing their history helps children and adults cope with the ups and downs of life. Read his original article published in 2013, get a link to a Feiler Ted Talk on parents empowering children with adaptability by telling the family story, and read the list of 20 questions about family history that every child should learn.
Read the PDF here. by Bruce Feiler

11. Where to learn more about doing family history:
Four places to go for free instruction on how to make genealogical research easier and more efficient, family history games to play the family, how to find out more about ancestors, and where to find details on pioneer ancestors crossing the plains. Read the PDF here.

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