Factoids are eventful moments in history for the Knight family. They are files that can be printed and shared with others.

Baptisms for the Dead
When Baptisms for the Dead were revealed to Joseph Knight Sr.

Calgary Stampede
Ray Knight was one of the founders of the Calgary Stampede.

Farm Restoration
The Knight farm, where the Colesville branch was formed was restored fo public viewing

Jessie Knight Funeral
President Heber J Grant declare Jessie Knight as one of the "Fathers of BYU".

Joseph Wagon Wheel
Repairing Joseph Knight Jr's wagon wheel brought more people into the church.

Jospeph Smith's Cane
Joseph Smith gave Joseph Knight Sr his cane to help him in Nauvoo.

Lincoln Suits
Knights made some of Abraham Lincoln's suits.

Newel Knight Memorial
About Newel Kinght's memorial in Nebraska

Philo Dibble
The recoery or Philo Dibble from a gunshot wound.

President William Howard Taft
Jessie Knight gave president William Howard Taft the tour of Provo.

Relief Society
Knight sisters were some of the first sisters in the Relief Societ in Nauvoo

Spartan Band
The Knights were some of the last men to Leave Nauvoo to help the saints leave nauvoo

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