Ancestors Of Joseph Knight, Sr. and Polly Peck
Stories from the Knight and Peck family tree
Including the war service of Joseph and Polly's fathers. By Phil Dittmer.
The First Knights in America
John and Mary Knight left Romsey, England about 1636 to build a new home in Massachusetts. pdf
Who Are We
The history of Joseph and Polly Knight. Video shown at the 2020 reunion. By Edi Ulloa.
Romsey, England Ancestral home of the Knight family
John Knight helped save the beautiful Romsey Abbey from King Henry's destruction in 1544.
Cousin Mary Peck Bosworth
She was a very successful Colonial counterfieter. See her story on YouTube Good Knight Stories, by Jordan Mangum.
The First Pecks in America
Joseph Peck and his family left Hingham, England on the ship the Diligent of Ipswitch in 1638. The Peck family members were Puritans who disagred with the Church of England.
The Meaning Behind the Knight Family Crest
Our British Heratige and the significance of the symbols.

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