Knights in the D. & C. and The Colesville Branch
The Knights in the Doctrine and Covenants
The stories behind the verses. Learn the context and back story about the sections where Knights and the Colesville Branch are mentioned.
The Colesville Branch
The 1830-31 members of the branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Colesville that met in the Joseph and Polly Knight home for meetings.
Knight Family Farm
Home of the second family of the restoration. BYU Journeys video.
Links to Articles
About the Knight Family and the Colesville Branch in LDS Church Magazines 1977-2001
"Git them translated"
Powerpoint slides that accompanied the reunion talk by Michael MacKay about the translation of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and Joseph Knight.
Joseph Knight's Wagon and the Gold Plates
A family home evening story and craft for children about Joseph Knight, Sr. and how his wagon went to the Hill Cumorah to help Joseph Smigh get the gold plates.
Knight Women in the Relief Society in Nauvoo
Knight and Peck women who were early members of the Relief Society in Nauvoo.

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